David West

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Born in 1958, lives and works in Paris.

David West attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He studied film and print, and worked extensively in theater. After his work was discovered and began to be shown in New York, he wound up following it to the city, relocating there, and was part of the underground New York scene in the eighties. He then lived and exposed in San Francisco, then on the road for a time, before resettling in NYC in ‘95, where he was recipient of the Pernod Liquid Art award and the Gibson Guitart award.

He’s lived in Paris since 2002, where he’s concentrated on painting and drawing. A monograph of drawings done with musicians in rehearsal was published in 2012 by Sensitive Skin, and another of portraits in 2009 by Style Collector, as well as several small press books and print editions.